To be able to function in an optimal way your employees often need extra tools and support. 

In our training sessions we provide thought, insight and practical exercises to help develop specific competences and skills. You can choose for a standard training or for customized training.  We start the training with an thorough intake in order to get a clear view of your questions, requests and aim. 

This will enable us to customize our training to your specific needs, culture and organisation, which in turn will allow participants to bring the acquired material into practice

What does training imply?

  • Intake with your organisation
  • (half) day sessions
  • General theoretical frame
  • Specific cases, exercises and tips
  • Course material and extra literature

Following training can be organised:

Coaching leadership

It is not always evident as manager to give attention to the human-oriented aspect of leadership on top of the task-oriented aspect. During this training you will acquire a number of basic techniques that can help you get more out of your team. We will work on impactful communication, involvement and development, making use of concrete cases and role plays to optimize the effect of the training

Communication training

Communication is important in collaboration, in leadership and in customer relations. This training will help you bring a message across in an understanding and effective way. We will work around active listening, nonviolent communication, and around recognizing, understanding and handling of different communication styles.

Time- and Stressmanagement

This workshop will give you insight in how to make optimal use of available time and tools. You will get answers to questions such as: how can I achieve more result with less time? How do I make a realistic planning? How do I prioritize? During the workshop you will receive specific and relevant tips and tricks that you can immediately apply.

Disc workshop

This workshop helps you optimizing collaboration within your team. With DISC you will learn to get a better understanding of yourself and of others. DISC gives you an overview of your talents communication and preferential behaviour. DISC also gives insight in the why of certain of your actions and reactions. This helps you better steer your behaviour and will stimulate communication and collaboration. We are DISC-certified and work according to the DISC model, integrating theory and practice. To enable us to assess your profile and work interactively, you will be asked to fill in the DISC questionnaire prior to the training.