Internal mobility becomes more and more important.

A committed and motivated employee means higher productivity, effectiveness and satisfaction. Personal coaching and development are necessary to optimize availability of existing employees. 

Attendo professional provides coaching of employees, staff, management, entrepreneurs and teams.  Prior to the start of a series of coaching sessions we will assess the question and make a personal development plan in order to work towards the requested result. 

We create insight and stimulate development.

In our coaching sessions we start from a holistic perspective, integrating the attendo base model.  This way we do not merely focus on the tip  of the iceberg, but dare to go wider and deeper in order to guarantee a lasting result.

We do not only limit ourselves to the coaching session, but provide you with literature, tips and exercises that can be brought into practice right away.  Several subjects may surface such as communication skills, leadership, assertiveness, time and stress management, conflict handles, conversation techniques, competence development, career coaching, burn-out prevention, …

What does coaching imply?

  • Intake session with participant, manager and coach
  • Putting together a personal development plan
  • Number of session, agreed in advance
  • Extra literature, exercises and handles
  • Ending coaching session

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